County/region status and Healthy Washington Roadmap to Recovery

Map of Healthy WA Regions showing the entire state in Phase 2

The governor’s Healthy Washington – Roadmap to Recovery plan is a region-based plan. As of February 14, the following regions have moved into Phase 2 of the governor’s Healthy Washington Roadmap plan:

  • East
  • North
  • North Central
  • Northwest
  • Puget Sound
  • South Central
  • Southwest
  • West

Our Risk Assessment Dashboard links to a report with each region’s current phase. Visit our What’s Open page to learn more about the activities allowed for each phase and business guidance for safe reopening.

Under the Healthy Washington – Roadmap to Recovery plan, the state is split into eight different regions. As outlined in the Governor’s COVID-19 phased recovery plan, regions must meet three of the following four metrics in order to move into Phase 2:

  • Decreasing trend of 10% or more in two-week rate of COVID-19 cases per 100k population;
  • Decreasing trend of 10% or more in two-week rate of new COVID-19 hospitalizations;
  • Less than 90% Intensive Care Unit (ICU) occupancy; and,
  • COVID-19 test positivity of less than 10%.

The Department of Health will reassess all metrics every two weeks and announce any changes to current phase status every-other-Friday. A region’s phase status will be automatically updated, meaning that Regions do not need to apply to the Department of Health to advance. To review which phase your region is within, come back to this page in the future or view the Roadmap to Recovery Report on the COVID-19 risk assessment dashboard.