Transportation & travel

Visiting Washington or coming home?

A formal quarantine is not currently required during your visit to Washington, but please observe the following precautions for the duration of your stay:

  • Check which county your destination is located. Certain activities may be allowed in some counties and not others. Observe all Safe Start restrictions and limit travel between counties.
  • Social gatherings are limited to no more than 5 people per week per household in Modified Phase 1 and Phase 2 counties (10 people in Phase 3 counties). Limit close contact to a small group of people and avoid large crowds.
  • Maintain a distance of six feet or more from people not in your travel party.
  • Wear a mask or face covering in public or while in shared spaces such as hotel hallways or elevators.
  • Watch for symptoms and take your temperature every day. If you feel sick, do not go out and contact a health provider to get tested.
  • Keep a record of the places you go with times and dates. If you get sick, this information is crucial for our efforts to help alert others to possible exposure risk.
  • If you are a Washington resident returning from a trip outside the state, we recommend you stay home as much as possible and limit interactions with others for 14 days. This is not required, but please monitor yourself and your household daily for any symptoms. If you or someone in your household feels sick at all, contact your health provider to get tested.

Other travel

  • Employers with concerns about employee travel can contact the state Business Response Center with questions.
  • Find advice for international travel at the Department of State.
  • Workers in the construction industry, traveling to Washington from a non-contiguous state, must either quarantine for 14-days OR obtain a COVID-19 test once they arrive and receive a negative result.

Local travel & transit

  • Check the Amtrak's website for travel information.

  • King County Metro continues to provide scheduled bus service, representing more than 12,000 daily trips. 

  • Read Sound Transit’s Platform blog post for the latest information on how Sound Transit is responding to heightened COVID-19 concerns.

  • The state ferry system has taken many actions to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus and keep its facilities as safe as possible. 

  • The ferry system also offers a free travel alert subscription service via email or text message. 


  • Get the latest about Sea-Tac Airport. Check with your airline for specific flight information. 

  • If you're planning to travel outside the U.S., be aware of COVID-19 international travel advisories and restrictions. Guidance on international travel changes as the virus situation develops.

  • The terminal is currently open to ticketed passengers only and is operating on a limited schedule surrounding arrivals and departures. Please check with your airline prior to arriving at the terminal to ensure your flight arrangements have not changed and you are prepared to travel.

  • Updates from the Tri-Cities Airport.