Partner Toolkit

Guidance, graphics and resources from Washington state agencies to help partners Spread the Facts about COVID-19. Please use any of these materials to help with your own outreach efforts.

Check back often. We will post new resources as they become available.

Mask up

Follow the Order of the Secretary of Health 20-03 Face Coverings - Statewide.

Safe Start infographics

Writing and talking about COVID-19

Tools to help you with terms and consistency.   
Suggestions to ensure consistent, compassionate communications (pdf) 

Reducing stigma

Resources to help you help reduce social stigma.
Stigma reduction (pdf)

UNICEF - Social stigma associated with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Spread the Facts Campaign

Resources you can use for your own outreach campaigns.

Coping During Covid-19

 It’s okay to ask for help

Spread the Facts Style Guide

Style guide (pdf)

Radio Scripts

English | Spanish | Russian

Radio Ads

English | Spanish

Banner Ads 

English | Spanish | RussianChinese | Vietnamese

Printable Infographic Flyers

Color | Black and White

Social - Campaign Graphics

English | Spanish | RussianChinese | Vietnamese

American Sign Language (ASL) Resources

For a collection of helpful ASL resources on COVID-19, please visit the Department of Health American Sign Language (ASL) landing page. We will be continuously looking for new topics, content, and articles that are relevant to the hard of hearing, deaf, deafblind community during the COVID response. 

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