Washington State COVID-19 dashboards


Risk assessment dashboard

Office of the Governor

Risk assessment dashboard screenshot

This dashboard provides an overview of data used to decide whether it’s safe for a county to enter a new phase of reopening. Key metrics were developed for five risk assessment areas:

  • COVID-19 activity, testing
  • Healthcare system readiness
  • Case investigations and contact tracing
  • Protection of populations at higher risk

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Health data dashboard

Department of Health

Health data dashboard screenshot

This dashboard provides COVID-19 health data including:

  • Confirmed cases, hospitalizations and deaths by county
  • Confirmed cases and deaths by illness onset date and hospitalizations by admission date
  • Cumulative cases, hospitalizations and deaths by sex, age group, and race/ethnicity
  • Number of tests by specimen collection date
  • Number of COVID-like illness hospitalizations

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Economic impact dashboards

Washington State Employment Security Division

Economic impact dashboard screenshot

The Employment Security Department, in partnership with the Bureau of Labor Statistics, publishes the following datasets that help us understand the employment effects of the Covid-19 pandemic recession on Washingtonians, including:

  • Unemployment insurance claims and benefits data
  • Labor Force (LAUS) unemployment rate
  • Employment Estimates (WAQB and CES) by industry
  • Monthly Employment Report on trends in the labor force and industry employment

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Economic recovery dashboard

Department of Commerce

Economic recovery dashboard screenshot

A variety of data sources are used track Washington state’s economic recovery and resiliency, and help monitor the economic impact of COVID-19 statewide. View the latest available data on:

  • Employment
  • Businesses
  • Government assistance programs
  • Consumer behavior

Updates are made monthly. Work is ongoing to improve the user experience of this tool.

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School district learning styles dashboard

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

AESD re-opening dashboard screenshot

View the map showing the statewide status of school district learning styles:

  • Remote
  • Hybrid
  • In-person
  • Combination of styles

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Personal protective equipment (PPE) distribution dashboard

Office of the Governor

Screenshot of PPE distribution dashboard

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is critically important to protect our frontline workers from COVID-19. The state continues its procurement of PPE to support frontline workers and aid progress under the Safe Start reopening plan. More than 100 million items have been distributed since the state began purchasing PPE and accepting bulk donations. The PPE dashboard shares details about PPE purchasing and distribution data.

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