What You Need to Know

Stay Home, Stay Healthy

During this time you may have many questions.  This section includes tips on what to do if you are ill, what it means to stay home, shopping, face coverings and access to resources you may be interested in.

Healthy Washington – Roadmap to Recovery: Business Guidance, County Status and What’s Open

Visit our Safe Start page for more information about the governor’s phased reopening plan. That page also includes industry-specific guidance for safe reopening.

Roadmap to Recovery Metrics:

The COVID-19 risk assessment dashboard aids the state in gauging when and how to best lift restrictions in Washington.

County Status and Healthy Washington Roadmap to Recovery

At this time the phased reopening plan is in a pause. There is new guidance available for what activities are currently restricted. For activities not mentioned in the new guidance, counties should follow the guidance for whichever phase they were in when paused.

Spread the facts

Current information that relates to ongoing scams and misinformation to help you and your family stay safe.  There is also access to the partner toolkit which includes numerous infographics sharing information available in several languages. 

How you can help

Explore some of the many ways you can help your community through volunteerism and donations.

Personal protective equipment

In addition to attempting to fill urgent short-term needs, the state is aggressively trying to source PPE products and supplies so we can address the longer-term, ongoing needs of health care providers and others at high risk. Because of a nationwide shortage on many PPE items, this effort is one of the state’s top priorities.

Coronavirus scams

Scams have increased with the threat of coronavirus. The best way to keep yourself safe from becoming the victim of a scam is to know what to look out for.